Fiona Pinney

Healing Therapist, Intuitive Reader and Counselling Services

  • An ending is the beginning of something new,
    An ending is the beginning of something new,
  • the beginning of something new....
    the beginning of something new....
  • the ending of something old. the ending of something old.

About Me.

My name is Fiona ,I have been working with spirit for the last twenty years in many different ways,I am a qualified reiki master,a certified angel and unicorn practitioner and registered healer who is also trained in counselling studies and skills which I use with my intuitive card readings.

My aim with my spiritual knowledge is to help you become confident and familiar within yourself through readings healing or development groups .
Life is about you making your own choices and decisions sometimes you will get it wrong other times right what's important to remember is your life is a personal journey of learning it will be as you as an individual choose to make it

I have learnt and gained an infinite amount of spiritual and estotic knowledge that I would like to share with you .I am clairvoyant ,clairsentient, clairaudient meaning I am able to see ,sense ,and smell as I work with spirit.
I use cards as a focus whilst connecting with your energy which then enables the energy of your past loved ones ,your guides ,or your angels to come through me ....

I like to describe it as similar to a three way telephone conversation as that's how it feels to me.

If you desire guidance or clarity and insight to help you achieve enlightenment and posititive affirmation of your life path then I would love to work with you .

Love light and blessings to you all.


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