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White magick and witchcraft are sources of wisdom, healing and positivity. Like Native American spirituality, to which true witchcraft is akin, the practice of white magick is based on the belief that that all life is sacred and interconnected in an unbroken circle.

Our higher selves, our souls, are influenced by the cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the stars and the natural world on a deep spiritual level. We can draw down their energies into ourselves to amplify and replenish our own, like tapping into a cosmic energy supply rather than having to recharge our powers from our own, separate dynamos. It is a source upon which we can draw not only nor primarily for specific needs, but also for energy, harmony and connection with others, the world and the cosmos. It is an energy that can permeate every aspect of our being.

Yea it worked must be magic !

A candle is a self-contained magickal system and it represents all basic elements of magick: Earth is represented by the unburned wax of the candle, Air is the smoke, Fire the flame and Water the melted wax.

For most spells, however, you should have one or two altar candles in white, cream or natural beeswax. A single central candle can be good for times of quiet meditation, but for more focused rituals you may prefer to light one candle to represent the Goddess on the right and another for the god polarity, on the left of the altar.

The act of blowing out a candle is itself a magickal release of power, for, rather than holding the light in a snuffer, you can send it towards all who need it. This is an excellent way of releasing and directing power at the end of a rite.

Some think you should never use a candle that has been lit for another ritual or purpose and should not use these afterwards for household illumination. However, since candles are so expensive and since you will only be performing positive magick, there is no reason why ritual candles should not be adapted for everyday use. On the other hand, candles for banishing magick should be left to burn down and any remaining wax buried or the unused candle disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Easy love spell

You need:
•White Paper
•Pink Candle

On a Friday evening, light your pink candle. With your favorite pen and a white piece of paper, write your first name and your lover’s last name. Draw a circle around the names and close your eyes and meditate on what you want (the two of you together, how happy you will be, etc.). Repeat three times:

“Our fate is sealed
We are one
So mote it be
It is done!”

Watch your pink candle for at least 15 minutes while meditating about the person you want and the wonderful love you will have together. If possible, meditate until the candle burns out. You may also use a larger candle and do the spell every night for seven nights, meditating 15 minutes each night.


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